The Connection of Christians


While in Altus, OK, Mallory stayed with the Leverett family, members of Altus First United Methodist Church. Here’s what Mrs. Leverett had to say:

We weren’t sure what we were getting ourselves into but quickly agreed at the last minute to host a bicycler riding across Oklahoma and Texas to raise awareness for the OSU Wesley Foundation’s new facilities. All we knew was that her name was Mallory and that she would appear at our house on a bicycle. Sure enough, a couple of days later, a young woman came riding up to our house on a typically hot, windy day in May in Southwest Oklahoma. After riding up, she promptly turned around and rode off, so I flung open the door and hollered, “Mallory !”, which turned her around on a dime. I knew it had to be her by her distinctive bicycle and attached saddle bags. After turning around, she rode her bike into our garage where we unloaded her VERY heavy packs and headed into the house.

We introduced ourselves and had that instant connection Christians have when meeting other Christians. She had been on a hot, windy ride most of the day out of her love for Christ and we were opening up our home to her out of our love for Christ. We chatted briefly and I showed her to the guestroom and bathroom. I expected her to bathe and fall into bed, but instead she showered off the road grime, dressed, dried her hair and came out looking beautiful, cheerful and asking if she could help with supper. Mallory is the kind of person you’re immediately comfortable with and she joyfully answered a million questions about her unusual campaign, probably the same million questions she was asked on every leg of her journey.

That evening, we invited my father in law to come to our house for supper and over dinner, Mallory shared several interesting aspects of her ride. We were all so impressed with her strength, bravery and charming personality. After dinner, Mallory gracefully endured the $2 tour of Altus, sat through an unnecessary review of her expected route for the next day, and even got to watch a little NBA, every young ladies favorite pastime. The next morning, she was up early filling her water bottles and preparing to hit the road on her next grueling foray across the dry plains of Western Oklahoma. My husband Brad prayed a blessing of protection over her before she rode off and after she was gone, I thought how wonderful the world would be if we could all be a little more like Mallory Ross.  I told myself I was going to try.