Our students come from nearly every imaginable background.

We are undergraduate and graduate students, as well as their spouses and children. We grew up in the United Methodist Church (some of us are even PK’s), while others of us are connected to Southern Baptist, Lutheran, Catholic, and (fill-in-the-blank) traditions. Others of us consider ourselves nonreligious or spiritual. Some of us are devout Muslims and Hindus, others of us are not-so devout.

We are every shade of brown imaginable. We are from Oklahoma, we are from Texas, we are from India, we are from Iraq, we are from Ethiopia… basically, we are from all over the globe.

We agree, we disagree… We laugh, we cry… at the end of each day, we remain grateful because we know that we are all part of a community that is growing together through Hospitality, Worship, Leadership Development, Healing & Wholeness, and Shared Community.