Small Groups

Are you searching for a place to belong?
Are you searching for your purpose?
Are you searching for the love, acceptance, and grace that God offers?
We can help!
We have numerous specialized small groups offered throughout the week to fit your schedule and to provide an opportunity to build intentional faith and meaningful relationships.

Small groups are comprised of 8-15 women and men in covenant together. Small groups meet weekly to encounter God in the Scriptures together and encourage one another in prayer and fellowship.

Small groups are an extended family learning together how to live like Jesus.

Fall 2018 Small Group Details

Late Night – lead by Wade Witcher

Mondays, 9:30pm located in The Wesley, 1st floor

Men’s Small Group – lead by Brandon Sellers

Tuesdays, 4:00-5:00pm located in The Wesley, 1st floor
We are a group of men brought together to study the bible. We will be doing fun events throughout the semester as well as studying the book of James. We would love to see you there.
For more information, text (918) 729-3596

Open Door – lead by Megan Briscoe

Thursdays, 6:00pm located in The Wesley, 1st floor on the orange couches
Exploring what the bible says about the LGBTQ+ community in an affirming and accepting manner. We are currently diving into the six pillar verses that are commonly brought up when discussing the LGBTQ+ community in churches with an affirming mind.
For more information, text (405) 568-1333 or email

Rock Solid Faith – lead by Shane Green & Lucas Herrera

Tuesdays, 8:00-9:00pm – Colvin Climbing Wall then 9:00-10:00pm – The Wesley for Bible Study
If you’re looking for a fun time, time to spend with God, or both look no further. We will be engaging in fun workouts across all physical levels and talking about God in many ways. We will try to learn more about each other and our faith. Wise word to anyone interested: don’t join if you’re afraid of physical or mental challenges.
For more information, text Lucas (405) 421-3926 or Shane (972) 415-1174 |

Thursday “Dinner” Group – lead by Matt Miller

Thursdays, 7:00pm located in The Wesley, 3rd floor couches
We are a welcoming group of people who strive to deepen our relationships with each other and with Christ by eating and studying scripture together. This semester we are going through lessons based on the Psalms.
For more information, text (972) 768-0540

Breakfast Club – lead by Rachel Martin

Saturdays, 9:00-10:00am located in The Wesley
Our Breakfast Club actually eats breakfast! (Sorry to spoil the movie for anyone who hasn’t seen The Breakfast Club). At the end of every breakfast club we decide on a topic for next week and start fresh. Recently we discussed spiritual gifts, and we have brainstormed topics like gender, history of the denominations, freewill, how to pray, and a few others. We are not necessarily trying to come to a decision, we just want to have the opportunity to learn with those who are open to listen and discuss. If 7:30am is too early, come whenever you can before 8:30am, we’ll be here!
For more information, text (405) 714-3330 or email

For more information, please email