Kate Morales

Kate is a graphic recorder and visual facilitator who is passionate about illustrating ideas to creatively and collaboratively address the complex challenges of our time.  Using a diverse toolbox of creative and participatory strategic design elements including Theater of the Oppressed, Permaculture design principles, Non-Violent Communication, and Social Artistry Kate works with innovating clients globally to create political art that inspires social shifts by inviting participants towards forms of knowing and sensing rooted in symbol, metaphor and story.  They believe that the process of “harvesting” is to co-create a cartography of conversation in which we use memory, affect, intuition and maybe even divination to collectively make meaning.  Kate is a college walk-out with an academic background in women, gender & sexuality studies and alternative education.  Since 2015 they have been a founding member of Ecoversities, an emergent network of global leaders experimenting with decolonial learning projects and the Decolonial Futures Collective designing pedagogical experiments that center indigenous spiritual traditions.  Most recently their work brought them to Mexico to reconnect with ancestral land and begin a path of becoming a healing practitioner through Terapia Nierika. At home, Kate plays capoeira, grows food and parents in community.