New Facility Design

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Making Disciples, Creating Leaders, Transforming Lives

The above mission of the Wesley Foundation at Oklahoma State University is to engage every student with the passionate love of Jesus Christ and the opportunity to become a follower and leader in a community of faith that will shape their lives and world.

The Imagine Campaign is raising funds for the construction of a new three-story facility that will empower our ministry to better fulfill our mission. We have completed Phase 1 with pledges of $6.5 million! Our goal in Phase 2 is to raise $3 million by December 2017 in order to bring to reality our dream of a residential space in the third floor. You can learn more about the impact of residential space and community living in our ministry’s history here, including our own architect Gary Sparks’ story. 

The vision for the new Wesley Foundation facility is guided by five pillars of ministry:

1) Hospitality
2) Worship
3) Healing and Wholeness
4) Leadership Development
5) Shared Community

We know with your help we will make Phase 2 of this campaign a reality. As Kathryn Peters, a former student, wrote, “My path toward spiritual development is continually unfolding, but the Wesley Foundation first dared me to imagine what it might look like.”

There are hundreds and thousands of Kathryn Peters out there, and our dream, our hope, our future is to continue facilitating and encouraging students to imagine what their relationship with Christ for the world will look like.

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