A New Type of Resolution

Have you ever had a New Years Resolutions that didn’t make it to January 2nd? What about that resolution that comes back every year like a recurring nightmare?

Resolutions can be cumbersome and weighty. Sometimes they feel more like a heavy expectation, rather than a route to a “better you.” So, this year, we’ve decided to flip the tables on those New Years Resolutions and open the door to a new conversation. If the New Year is all about fresh starts, then why do we always bring the past with us everywhere we go? Nothing is more saturated in our shortcomings than the first couple weeks of January. More often than not, our resolutions have everything to do with what we dislike about ourselves, or what we’re ashamed of. And maybe that’s why they sputter, spit, and fall flat. No one was ever truly motivated by the negatives, right?

So here’s the idea. We’re going to pursue resolutions that are dead-center-focused on the good stuff. The heart beat of our fresh starts are going to be founded in love, compassion, joy, and diligence. Sound better? Here are our tips for a resolution that will last and impact you in all the best ways!

  1. Root your resolution in positivity. We find that it’s much easier to run into the arms of joy than to escape from a monster. Rewrite your resolution to be a welcome invitation for hope and encouragement.
  2. If it lacks self-compassion, it’ll fall. Practicing self-compassion is one of the bravest things you do. Most people are afraid to give themselves a break. Maybe that’s why their resolutions break them! This year, embrace the places where you fail and fall short. Give yourself room to be human, and love yourself well!
  3. Don’t sell yourself short. If you don’t believe in yourself, you’ve lost one of your most valuable supporters already! Your heart, mind, and body need you on board! It sounds funny, but a lot can change when you tell yourself that you’re capable, powerful, and good.
  4. Let people in. Our society is good at walls and isolation. Don’t succumb to that in 2018. We’re made for community and relationship, so embrace it! Find people you can be raw with and watch the fruit overflow! Nothing gives you permission to live joyfully the way community does.
  5. Dare God. Don’t click ‘exit’ yet. This is one of the best ways to start fresh! Dare God to do His best work in your life. Ask Him what resolutions He has for you? Give him the reins, and hop into the passenger seat. Odds are, He’s already got something incredible in the works, and He can’t wait to tell you about it.

Maybe these tips will work, or maybe you’ve heard them before. Regardless, we’ve got a feeling that there’s “more” to life than yearly to-do lists that never get finished, and we’re betting the “more” looks a lot like love in all directions.

Happy New Years!


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