New Tomorrow

The past three years have been a very interesting time for me. Many times I have felt like I have no power to help those that truly need it. Every day we turn on the television or pick up a newspaper and we hear or see about all the terrible things that are going on in the world, as well as right in our back yard. It is so easy to begin to feel overwhelmed and powerless during this time. Yet, I have tried my best to stay engaged in the community and shape my personal and professional life in a way that makes me accessible to those that need to talk about what is bothering them.

In my spiritual life I am learning more and more, that I am not called to fix all the problems in the world. God placed me on this world to be present for others and help in the many ways, but I am not here to save the world alone. God has constantly showed me that I need to learn to rid myself of the feeling to control and fix everything. There will not be one person that will save our world. It will be the strength and faith of many that will make a real change. To me this is the true love and strength of the church. As a united people working together guided by God we can accomplish great things. No matter how ugly the situation may be, there is real beauty in unified effort to work for others.

I have met many great people that are willing to fight for others. My involvement with the United Methodist Discussion on Race has been a wonderful experience. It has reminded me that I am not alone in the fight for justice for so many people. Working for Project Transformation has shown me that there is generation of leaders that are hungry for the opportunity to give back and shape the lives of the children of our world.

These are just a couple of groups that keep me fighting and dreaming of a day of love and strength for all people. Today I can say my spirit is hopeful and joyous for a new tomorrow.

By Charlie Ludden

Charlie currently serves as the Associate Director of Young Adult Mission and Service for the Oklahoma United Methodist Conference. Charlie enjoys finding ways to pair young adults with opportunities that they are passionate about.

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