Tick Tock

By: Averie Hinchey

Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom .

Psalm 90:12

Time is always on our minds. It’s a non-renewable resource that we never seem to have enough of. As you are reading this, you might be wondering how much time it will take you to read this blog post and if it is really worth your time. As I am trying to figure out how I am going to complete everything I need to do by the end of the semester, I have been reminded of a few main points from Andy Stanley’s sermon series Time of Your Life.

First, we need to ask ourselves the question “What are you doing with your time?” It is important to analyze how we spend our time and see what actives consume most of our time. Are these activities important or are they trivial?

Secondly, we need to realize that our days our numbered. If we start to look at life through the lens that are days are numbered, then we will then be able to see where we need to spend our time. God has given us a purpose that is even greater than our wildest dreams. We can not  reach our full potential and make our time meaningful until we ask God to help us to number our days, so we can use it wisely.

As the semester begins to come to a close and activities, deadlines, and finals begin to approach, I am challenging myself to number my days and encourage you to do so as well. I need to stop asking how long is this going to take, but instead ask the question, “am I using my time wisely?


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